I'm Wendy Dulac and I'm the owner of Groomingdale's. I have always had a love for animals.  As a kid, I would bring home many and knew if I could get my mother to let them stay the night, she would also fall in love and would let me keep them.  I went to college for Business and graduated with a Business Management Degree.  I worked in the corporate world for 12 years and was never satisfied.  One day, when I dropped my dog Taz off at the groomers and got such a wonderful feeling seeing all of the animals and saw how happy my groomer was I thought I could see myself doing this.  I spoke with her and asked where she went to school and before I knew it, I was signed up and attending.  A year later I was working for my groomer.  Two years later in May of 2000 I opened the doors of Groomingdale's and enjoy every day since.  I have realized this is my passion.  I now have 4 dogs that I have rescued and enjoy going to work with me every day.